Six God Leilei: can not help but think of a song called "home of the cloud"
Six God Leilei: can not help but think of a song called "home of the cloud"

Six God Leilei: can not help but think of a song called "home of the cloud"

Six God Leilei: can not help but think of a song called "home of the cloud"

Text / six God Leilei lunch time today, read the news a small partner Tencent news brother: students return difficult.

As expected, the first review under the praise is: rich people do not understand is that we encountered difficulties only want to go home, think of the motherland. Who told you she was not not come back, just stay abroad corpuscles chant, not trained, trained, trained.

This, then, someone can say, we do not say that. The door of Uncle Zhang, Li uncle so to speak, we do not say that.

The reason is simple: the difficulties encountered only homesick, just think of the motherland, what’s wrong with you? Encountered difficulties, we certainly homesick, like the motherland, it is inevitable reaction, so people. What is home? Harbor is, ah, ah is warm, difficulties are not homesick, where want? If encountered difficulties do not think people at home, what home? The difficulties encountered people do not think of family, what family? A home, if people do not want to encounter difficulties, what should the family do? To love this family do? To maintain this home to do what? What usually is not patriotic, it happened that wanted to go home, you know how patriotic students usually not patriotic? It’s your turn to meet the political people to do it? People are a bit small mind, I also have a little thought, a little baffling and inexplicable love to hate. Who said those words above, little thought we know everything. Qiu is a rich Well, there is usually Henren, now laughing people without citizenship. Students always give you the impression that a little more money, the family is always a little bit better, think of it is always gas flow, aha now retribution cycle, we can see them in trouble, do not come back, fast hardware continue to stay abroad chant.

What is mediocre? When it is the face of big events, small desperately to express their thoughts, like Mr. Lu said, immediately squeeze in a small leather robe to. Some people usually love to talk about the cardinal, but only to vent their emotions, attacked and abused, the informant came to light, partisan when we come to talk about the cardinal. Once to the need to exercise restraint, to tolerance, time to live, they absolutely refused to talk about the cardinal, the small talk is a non-small.

Students are children, the children should go home, you should find ways to help them return home.

If now there is no way you can study approach. This is a cardinal.

Ordinary people as you and me, should not clamored to abandon who you think he is not the easiest group to be abandoned.

Do not always yell just what the overall situation, ask yourself is not the overall situation of marginalized people. Should not always immediately picked up a cigarette butt on a strong thinking, what are you strong? You’re a weakling.

Suddenly remembered a song, 87 in the spring evening Kris and sing, and popular in the north and south, called the "home of the cloud": return it, return yo, wandering wanderer.

Return it, return yo, I’m tired of wandering. I was already full of tired eyes are tears of sorrow and grief.

Wind and home that home of the cloud, to erase my scars.

These lyrics, eighties, we loved, everyone sung, and even tears, wandering sincerely welcome return; we clearly say, home of the wind, home of the cloud, for them to erase scars.

Today some sprayer an opening, it becomes that is was, that was to be, went out wandering; difficulties was homesick, ask you to continue to drift? You and I do not even thirty years ago realm as yet? Listen to songs, take a look at when we are young and old man how to sing? It still count? Thank you and see a point in, turn out the article Disclaimer: market risk, choose to be cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.