The national football team is the last silk
The national football team is the last silk

The national football team is the last silk

The national football team is the last silk

Xinhua News Agency, UAE, November 12th, Suggestion: The National Football Practice Finally, the Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua News Agency, Xiao Shizhen, Su Xiaowei, from the leader, chased by Oman, China Men’s Skills lost in Sharjah. This weakness of 1: 1, made the Chinese team’s 2022 World Cup wandering wanders.

At present, China’s team will accumulate 4 points ranking group fifth and the line may be minimal. After the competition, when the Chinese team’s players went to the audience Xiechang, there was a fan shouting "Don’t give up." The scene is both movement and heart-sorry. This is a game that is expected to win. Through the test of four games, the Chinese team coach Li Tie finally found the most suitable starting lineup.

Naturalization striker Alan and Luo Guo Fu Panfu home attack, Xu Xin’s appearance enhanced the defensive hardness of midfield. Most of the competitions, the Chinese team compressed opponents.

The team members are not unhappy. The reporter came to the team for three months, which can obviously feel the body, mental state of the recent players, and it is a three-military use of the three armies.

Luo Guofu has repeatedly stood up again, Zhang Yunning spells the lips, and Yan Jun is unrestrained, and these pictures are very flat.

Unfortunately, the result is made up of one detail.

If the striker grases the opportunity’s ability, we may kill the game early; if Li Tie exchangers are more careful, maybe we can keep a victory; if that corner is defensive, it is a little more concentrated … but there is no football field if.

Objectively, the Chinese team lost the precious home advantage, and the players were really difficult for long-term training in overseas.

But competitive sports resume, especially national team competitions.

The difficulties you have experienced will often help you harvest their praise after success, and it is difficult to help you get an understanding during failure. We want to wear a crown, it will be the truth, the Chinese team’s coach and players will not understand.

Now Li Tie and his players have to face, not just four days later, it is necessary to fight strong enemy Australian team, but also the mental weight of the public opinion swirl center.

The only thing that the Chinese team can do is to unite, for those cute fans who have not given up, but also to find one-line vitality.

It is far more cruel than a game itself. Just as Li Tie said: "We are close to Oman’s strength, 1: 1 is a normal result." No matter if you accept it, the national football is not like 20 It is easy to defeat the Abmanship.

From the entire 12th game, we have been in the first-class strong team from Asia.

The existing scheduling, in a sense, is the true manifestation of Chinese football in recent years.

The world is also good, and the originating players will not bring essential differences. Now this national football is nearly 30 years old, and where is our young player? China Men’s Guardian Youth Team 2016, 2018, the two consecutive Asian Youth League wanders, and did not even entered the 2020 Yatong race. Therefore, if you want to pay attention to your history, Chinese football must be prepared to take a cool bench, and adhere to the "grabbing from the doll", "long time for success" solidly promoted the development of football reform. (Editor: Wang Renhong, Embassy) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.