Shijiazhuang is introduced "to do a big strong pharmaceutical industry action plan (2021-2023)"
Shijiazhuang is introduced "to do a big strong pharmaceutical industry action plan (2021-2023)"

Shijiazhuang is introduced "to do a big strong pharmaceutical industry action plan (2021-2023)"

Shijiazhuang is introduced "to do a big strong pharmaceutical industry action plan (2021-2023)"

By 2023, the total scale of the bio-pharmaceutical industry has further strengthened, continued to consolidate the national first-party array and the province’s leading position, and the operating income exceeded 100 billion yuan, an average annual increase of about 15%; cultivating biotechnology, high-end chemical, high quality More than 15 national leading companies, public health protection equipment, public health protection products, etc. 2023) "Propose, optimize the industrial structure, improve the industrial ecology, measures to play" stable, bread, pilot, joint "combination, use the medical industry policy" Toolkit ", and strive to build Shijiazhuang City to become the province The national medical industry high-quality development leads the area, the core area of ??science and technology innovation, the headquarters R & D base and well-known enterprises aggregation area, forming a hundred billion-level industrial cluster and leading effects, realizing the high-levelization of the medical industry, the modernization of the industrial chain, in order to continuously improve the comprehensive information Economic strength and development quality benefits provide important industrial support.

The action plan puts forward the development goals: By 2023, the total number of biomedicine industries further expressed, continued to consolidate the national first-party array and the province’s leading position, and the operating income exceeded 100 billion yuan, an average annual increase of about 15%; cultivate biotechnology Drug, high-end chemical, high-quality Chinese medicine, high-end medical rehabilitation equipment, public health protection supplies, etc., accelerate the development of the "Double District Double Base" in the Pharmaceutical Industry, namely: Basic Buildings National Important Biological and Chemistry Pharmaceutical preparation, leading area, well-known enterprise gathering area, Headquarters R & D base, raw materials and small varieties (short-lost drugs) centralized production base, strive to build a modern pharmaceutical industry system with international influence, regional competitiveness, and realize the pharmaceutical market Crossing the pharmaceutical market.

Structure optimization, breakthrough from the six directions and speeding up the biomedical industry to break through, Shijiazhuang City determines the main attack direction as biotechnology medicine, high-end chemical, high-quality Chinese medicine, high-end medical rehabilitation equipment, public health emergency management system support industry, pharmaceutical industry Chain supporting system industry. Biotechnology, key development of genetic engineering drugs, new vaccines, accelerate antibody drugs, recombinant protein drugs, polypeptide drugs, nucleic acid drugs, etc. Biomeys, promote phlegnet, recombinant human blood albumin, rabies virus R & D and industrialization of new biological drugs such as antibodies and monoclonal antibodies.

Developing human tissue regeneration, synthesis biology, biological 3D printing, biomedical artificial intelligence and other cutting edge technology.

High-end chemical, focus on new drug development technology, new technology, drug sustained release control technology, and new mechanism, new target, new structure, new drug combination and new dosage type chemical medicine. Developed with targeting, high selectivity, new mechanism of action, encourages the potential of the imitation market, foreign patent expiration drugs, accelerates anti-tumor drugs, diabetes, etc., etc. Promote internationalization of new formulations and build a new new chemical industry.

Quality Chinese medicine, focus on traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy, Chinese medicine activity screening, safety evaluation and pharmacology research, promote the second development of traditional Chinese medicine, develop traditional Chinese medicine modified new drugs.

Promote traditional Chinese medicine soft capsules, traditional Chinese medicine formula granules products and high value-added products research and development, and promote China-Pharmaceuticals to the international market.

High-end medical rehabilitation equipment, key development medical rehabilitation auxiliary equipment, high-end medical equipment and biomedical materials, planting instruments, treatment robots, multifunctional therapy, in vitro diagnostic equipment and supporting reagents, pharmaceutical combination, molecular diagnosis equipment, biomedical materials, etc. .

Public health emergency management system supports industry, focusing on the development of infectious disease prevention and control and related industries that spoke public health incidents, highlight viral diagnosis reagents, vaccines, medical protection products, murd supplies, monitoring (testing) instruments and dedicated production equipment Waiting for research and development. Pharmaceutical industry chain supporting system industry, key development of pharmaceutical excipients, pharmaceutical intermediates, special medical use formula food and drug production equipment, support enterprises to micro-organism, health products, functional food, special use cosmetics and Prevention, the universal health sector, etc.

Lock the target direction, from the five paths to do the goal and direction of the strong pharmaceutical industry, which is the way from Shijiazhuang City to realize? Increase efforts to support the development of bio-pharmaceutical leading enterprises. Entrusted high-end consulting agencies to prepare pharmaceutical industry development plan, focus on innovative achievements, industrialization projects, industrial ecotry circles, medical mall construction, etc. Sex, directional and operability bio-pharmaceutical industry cluster development plan, promote high-end biological drug research and development in high-tech zone, Shijiazhuang Jingkai District Chemical Pharmaceutical Prevention Development Area, Zhengding Biological Raw Medicine Production Supply Base, Zhao County Raw Medicine Plus Preparation Centralized Production Demonstration Base, Yucheng Modern Chinese Medicine Creation Base and other series construction.

Focusing local characteristic advantages to create landmark enterprises, establishing a company screening index system covering patents and research and development, technology level, market potential, research and development, local brands, etc., the most regional landmark, industry competition in the city The landmark enterprise selection is selected, and 10 potential landmark companies are scrolled every year.

Relying on the advantages of medical leading enterprise agglomeration, cultivate and develop pharmaceutical enterprises Headquarters economy, establish landmark enterprises, "key enterprises through train" system, and strive to build 15 "provinces in the province" in 5 years, and some have an impact on the world The competence of the universal area of ??the power. Vigorously cultivate innovative drugs and medical rehabilitation instruments companies.

Guide enterprises to increase transformation and upgrading, adjust the optimization of industrial transformation (technical reform) special fund support direction, focus on innovative drugs, high-end medical equipment, rehabilitation equipment, high-value medical supplies, etc. Technical reform projects.

Guide Medicine SMEs to develop, strive for national and provincial "special new" demonstration companies. Implement a single champion enterprise cultivation plan, improve the cultivation of manufacturing single-term champion enterprises, cultivate a batch of explosive products and industry "small giants", striving for national single champion. Promote the digital process of pharmaceutical industry, empower medical manufacturing, improve the automation, digitization, intelligent level of pharmaceutical equipment with a new generation of information technology. Accelerate the construction of the biomedicine industry Internet platform, biomedical logistics platform and other platforms.

Encourage conditional enterprises to build smart plants, promote the digital transformation of enterprises, create a new form of "5G + industrial Internet + medical manufacturing", new model. Actively promote the investment of biomedicine industry chains.

Vigorously introduce leading enterprises and R & D institutions, aiming in leaders, strengthen joint ventures, introducing multinational corporate headquarters, regional headquarters, province (especially Beijingjin) national pharmaceutical industry innovation platform, research and development outsourcing agencies, production enterprises to settle down Shijiazhuang.

Establish a full lifecycle financial capital service system in the pharmaceutical industry, providing financial support for the new development of biomedicine.

Exploring the establishment of a new type of new drug fund in the framework of the leading industry development fund, promoting investment offshore development, promoting the production of industrial projects. Promote medical innovation and internationally in line.

Support enterprises to carry out transnational exchanges and establish cross-border development cooperation platforms. Encourage enterprises to establish overseas laboratories, small businesses and declaration registration to realize brand transformation, carry out new drug international multi-center clinical research, excavate global innovation results, and realize innovative drugs to the international market. Encourage patented domestic original research and brand imitation drugs to carry out international registration certifications, guiding more companies to go out to participate in international competition. Optimize the industry supporting service environment. Actively explore the ecological construction of industrial chains and regulate the construction management of raw materials plus production industrial parks. Promote the construction of green plant, green park, green supply chain standard system, implement greening transformation, and play an excellent enterprise and excellent park benchmark.

Enhance the supply of emergency medicines, relying on 160 emergency epidemic prevention materials production enterprises in the city, construct an emergency pharmaceutical material reserve network platform. (Reporter Ren Lishuang) (Editor: Li Zhe, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.