The road network is not worried together
The road network is not worried together

The road network is not worried together

The road network is not worried together

Guizhou Daily Heavenly Eye Journalist Pan Jiaben’s recent period

"Today’s Liu Guanglie relies on the fruit industry.

"In the past, the river dam town was the road to Guiyang. The local people rely on convenient transportation advantages to develop fruit plants. They only rely on the way to sell, they have not worried, each year more than 100,000 yuan per year. At that time, the river dam town became an envious of the envied towns.

Liu Guanglie recalls.

After Jiangdu Expressway and the Yinhai Expressway, the industrial development of Heba Town lost traffic advantage.

In the past, it couldn’t find a sales in one time. Many people also found another road and went out.

However, Liu Guanglie still insists on planting fruit. He said that the road is completely relying on two roads: roads and "Internet".

In recent years, China’s housekeeping road, the road, the road, industry road, greatly facilitated transportation, more and more merchants home acquisition, Liu Guanglie planted fruits started. At the same time, with the coverage of the network, through the poverty alleviation cadres, the introduction of e-commerce, the market is more broad. Today, "Internet" and roads are more convenient, and the sales of Shiqian agricultural products are no longer limited to local, tea, yellow peach, grapefruit, etc. "Astronomical", gradually "walk out" deep mountain.

The chartered opportunity and vigorously promoted the development of industrial development.

The Heba Town is the first to rush, based on regional advantages, improve the development of high-efficiency boutique fruit. At present, the fruit planting area of ??the town is 10,000 acres, including 500 mu of peaches, 8500 mu of grapefruit, 6900 mu, citrus 9500 mu, more than 2,000 more fruits. Through the selection of seedlings, varieties improve, scientific management, etc., significantly increase production, quality taste is more suitable for all kinds of consumer groups, become a veritable "town". (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see recommendation reading.